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Client: Urban Village Bars

Status: Completed

Location: Manchester, NQ

The former cocktail bar known as Mechanica occupying the ground floor and basement levels at 1-3 Swan Street, Ancoats, Manchester, was comprehensively re-modelled and restored back to a traditional city centre pub, on the fringe of Ancoats Conservation Area and is now known as The Wayfarer and is the newest addition to Urban Village Bars’ portfolio.

Apart from the total internal re-modelling of the ground floor and basement, the works involved complete removal of a monolithic black glass façade and the construction of new ground floor elevations, to both Oldham Street and Swan street. The elevation detail was derived by the re-instatement of Order set by the fenestration at the upper floor levels, which was then conveyed down to the street level, re-introducing a corner entrance in its original location.

The basement area included a complete tanking system and interior fit-out and operates as a retro-styled bar that replicates aspects of historical Speakeasies.

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