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As a Father and Son architectural team, Stephen and Dominic

combine more than 40 years of practical and technical excellence

with modern thinking, methods and implementation, in a never

ending pursuit to always want to do better. We see ourselves as

creative problem solvers and design with fluidity, within budget

and on-time.


Our fundamental belief is that ‘it’s kind of fun to do the impossible’,

simplifying complexity and achieving results through imagination

and technical innovation.

There is more to architecture than designing buildings, it’s about

making a difference in everyday lives and exceeding the changing demands that life presents us with.Design quality matters, but the experience matters more.


We can help you to realise your ideas or develop a solution, with options. We can maximise your permitted development potential, avoiding planning involvement in many instances, but most of all, we can take care of everything from early Concept sketches, Space Planning and Visualisation, through to Detailed Design, Tender and Contract Administration, to Completion of the finished project. Dealing with Planning and Building Regulations applications, notices and certificates are just dove-tailed into each phase during the process.


If quality, trust and commitment to service are important, then here’s the opportunity to get in touch for a friendly, relaxed discussion about your project. So why not contact us now?

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