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If fast tracking your project sounds appealing, for a quick start on site, then it’s worth exploring your Permitted development potential.


This form of development opportunity produces significant timesaving and has also been expanded recently, to allow building up to double the amount that would normally be permitted without the need for planning permission, but if you want the re-assurance that the work is legal, it is possible to apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development.

Some properties are affected by certain forms of designation, so planning restrictions apply and permitted development rights are not available, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t consider developing, it just means that planning permission, listed building consent or conservation area approval will be required for the proposals.

Single storey rear and side extensions, loft conversions, garage conversions and outbuildings are all possible. However, don’t get caught out by irregular planning guidance in relation to wrap-around extensions because this requires planning permission. Most people are not aware of their permitted development rights or more specifically what is possible, but we’re here to provide clarity, explain options and advise upon which direction the project should progress.

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