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Now that you’ve decided to explore your project ideas, why not take full advantage of our free consultation over the phone, by Zoom or social media, on a day and time that is convenient to you, which could even be early evening or weekend?

We have tons of experience and extensive detailed knowledge about every kind of extension, conversion or refurbishment on all house types that you can imagine, so we’ll have the answers to your questions.

By the end of the consultation, we’d have analysed your thoughts and ideas providing an understanding of the processes that would be involved, estimated timeframes, a plan of action, a list of deliverables, advice on the need to involve other professionals such as a structural engineer, which will then be followed up by our fee quotation to provide the required services, for consideration.

In the event that an on-site consultation is necessary, we would charge a small fee to cover the time, which would be re-imbursed from the quoted fee, if you decided to progress the project with us.

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